About Eny Abdullah

Hi, I’m Eny. My love of beautiful food and cooking, combined with my skills as a photographer motivated me to start this blog.  I shoot using SONY A290 with a range of Sony series lenses. I also used Olympus EPL3. All of the content and photography on this website is Eny Abdullah’s (unless otherwise specified) and is subjected to copyright. If you would like to use any of the photography/text, you should use the proper attribution and contact me via email enyabdullah@gmail.com to gain permission first. 
Thanks and Happy Reading!!

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  1. ehem2~ saja la ana singgah sini.
    semua gambaq kak eny shoot mmg ohsem la.
    kalo jd OP utk wedding pon msti sempoi =D

  2. gambr2 k.eny lawa... nk blajar jugak ...