The most popular states in Malaysia for property investment

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With the increasing number of foreigners settling in Malaysia for work or as a retirement destination, many are asking for the best place to put their money in property investments. It does not take rocket science for one to notice the reason foreigners are flocking into Malaysia as their resident country. There are unfavorable prospects and the ever-increasing property prices in the West compelling many to look to the South East Asian nation. With that, Malaysia is often pictured as the most expat and retiree friendly countries in the world. 

Malaysia offers a wonderful mix of escape islands, bustling cities and jungle adventures and the fact that it is very connected to the rest of the world. Buying an apartment in Penang, for example, can quickly turn into a lucrative expenditure when you look at it from a medium to long-term perspective. Therefore many foreigners chose to purchase properties instead since the latter offers a wise investment in a country that clearly is on the rise in property development and value. One of the main decisions when buying a property is the location. Even though there is no golden tip on which state to invest in property, this list can open your eyes as to where you can settle and enjoy what Malaysia has to offer.

1 Penang
With the rich heritage, culture and excellent foods, more and more expatriates are buying properties andsettling in Penang. This state offers a rich mix of culture and city life, and since it has several established international schools and a thriving expats community, it is a place worth investing in.

This state has a substantial involvement in the development plan of the Northern Corridor region whose aim is to raise the economic and social standards of the northern Malaysian states. There are several high-profile projects planned for this state meaning it has a bright future and it is destined to open up even more, and this is the time to purchase and apartment in Penang. The prices of houses and apartments in Penang have already begun rising due to all these activities and plans.

2 Great Kuala Lumpur
It is the entry point for most of those passing through the country and is also the capital city. Many property buyers have found homes in the surrounding areas that are part of this great city. It carefully balances a modern metropolis with the cultural appeal of this great country to offer you all the comfort you may wish for. You get so many benefits by living near the city. If you travel a lot, you will be closer to the KLIA 1 and 2 linking you to the region and the rest of the world. There are excellent road networks to the rest of the country and the region. You don’t have to live in the city center to enjoy all these; there are hotspots like Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, and Bangsar that offer a community-focused living without the hustle and bustle of town.

Since it is the capital city, the prices around definitely are higher than other states. With more apartment buildings coming up, many investors may be troubled that property value will drop. The prices vary, but it is a great place to buy property and settle especially if you are a busy executive with lots of travel and a penchant for city life.

3 Selangor
Situated just across the state boundary, Selangor offers a relaxed environment for living. Here you will get Petaling Jaya, a very prosperous region in this state regarding property development. It features secluded houses with private views to parks and lakes. It provides total solitude yet retains its accessibility to the highway network. Who wouldn’t want such a great mix of modernity and seclusion?

Corporations are increasingly settling in Selangor as their headquarters. With a large number of international schools situated here, an increasing number of people are considering to invest their money in areas like Seri Kembangan and Ampang. The property prices here are also lower than in Bangsar though the rules imposed regarding purchases by foreigners ends up offsetting this advantage. If you work in the city, living in this settlement will add commuting time to your day, but with the LRT train from Gombak to Kelana Jaya or the KTM line running to Klang, you can plan your commute and live comfortably.

4 Johor
Johor is the third largest state and is near Singapore. Living here offers a mix of coastal, rural, and modern life. The Iskandar Development is a major project that will make Johor a serious commercial and residential hub. This region has many campuses of numerous institutions from all over the world hence the property boom being witnessed.

From around RM300,000, you can get a 3-bedroom condominium; this can rise to RM2.3 million for houses in the new development that features restaurants, shops, golf courses and 24-hour security among other facilities.

5 Sabah
This is Malaysia’s nature lover’s paradise attracting expats and tourists alike to its fascinating wildlife, lush rainforests, and expansive beaches. It is however not a great location if you are still working since most jobs are in Peninsular Malaysia. But if you want a retirement home, Sabah is the place. Property developers have noticed this and are constructing exotic properties that will surely tempt your investment appetite.

It has the Kota Kinabalu International Airport that provides a great connection to Kuala Lumpur. Other than buying a retirement home, you can purchase an apartment building and rent out to the ever flowing tourists and expats and see a steady return on investment.

6 Melaka
Being a World Heritage site from 2008, Melaka has seen a continuous influx of tourists who visit to see the well-preserved architecture. This small sleepy place offers a relaxed life about two hours from the capital city. You will find several international schools and excellent hospitals. Finding work in Melaka may be difficult but providing for your family is not all that difficult.

As others watch the alarming rate of property construction while fearing for a property bubble burst, many are serious about investing and settling in exotic corners of his lovely country. This property boom seems to be destined to last for many years to come. Since property investment is a very big decision, it is also a very profitable one if you do it right. By seeking advice from local real estate experts and looking around from reputable property listing site like PropertyGuru for what impresses you, you can cut your risks and invest in a worthwhile property in one of the states in Malaysia.

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